Child of the Chain is Mary Shanahan and John Arthur Martinez's Americana interpretation of Mary's evolving composition The Gabriel Mass (see co-writing credits below), which was written in 2001, and offered in ministry for the first time in Austin, Texas on May 23, 2002 with the Most Reverend John McCarthy, Bishop Emeritus of the Catholic Diocese of Austin. The initial response to the music and demand for a recording was so immediate and powerful, that long-time songwriting friends Mary and John Arthur decided to go into the studio and record the Mass.

From the very beginning of the project, all aspects of production were approached as a sacred ministry.  Mary's vision was to create arrangements for the various hymns that would ignite memories of a more peaceful and spiritual time in our culture, all the while infusing the musical tracks with a contemporary edge. She was overwhelmed by the initial response to the Mass from people devoted to faiths other than Catholicism, and was determined to strike those common spiritual chords once again, in the studio. Building on the original arrangements created with Austin producer Rich Brotherton, Austin School of Music's Renee French, and classical composer Rudy Davenport, Mary, John Arthur, and musician Lynn Daniel labored over every hymn in order to deliver a composite of meaningful inspirational offerings for people of all faiths.  From the Kyrie Eleison and The Lamb of God, which evoke images of the ancient undivided Christian church, to the joyful hint of Southern Gospel found in I Know Jesus, Child of the Chain cries out to all ages with a new sense of urgency about truisms that have been passed from generation to generation for the past two millenniums down both sides of the broken chain of Christendom.

Child of the Chain
Produced by John Arthur Martinez and Mary K. Shanahan
Recorded and mixed by Eric Paul at Bismeaux Recording Studio, in Austin, Texas
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, Texas.

Piano: Floyd Domino
Acoustic and electric guitar: Rich Brotherton
Rhythm guitar: John Arthur Martinez
Acoustic and electric bass: Lynn Daniel
Drums and percussion: Paul Pearcy
Violin: Gene Elders
Harmony vocals: Christine Albert, Jill Hall,
and John Arthur Martinez

Co-writing credits: Rich Brotherton, I Remember; Doris Conley Kraft, Lamb of God; and Renee French, Rain and In the Fold of America's Wings.

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1) I Remember
2) Child of the Chain
3) Kyrie Eleison
4) The Greatest Truth
5) The Sanctus
6) Lamb of God
7) I Know Jesus
8) I See Your People Lord
9) Rain
10) In the Fold of America's Wings

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